In the day of love, a special thought

Viola is a craft beer born with passion, love and creativity.
Viola as a synonym of excellence, Viola comes from a past that will not forget, Viola as the purple flower, Viola as music, Viola as purple color obtained by red and blue passing through orange, Viola like charming woman’s name.

And we would like to thank a woman, her name is Paola Amati and she, with the grace of a feminine talent, has invented the “heart of the sun,” which became the Viola NumeroTre 6.9 symbol. A gesture, a fortitude that becomes art and, like for Viola beer, creates something intended for its own path, as simply taking from our land, from the sun, from barley … continuing what you love and falling in love with what you do .. and if you make a mistake, it does not matter, we still created something true and passionate! Live to the full, seize the moment, always! when we taste Viola beer… Grazie Paola!


Who is Paola Amati?

I have been painting since I was a child. I love painting more than anything. I would have loved to enrol  in a school of fine arts but didn’t have the opportunity. I’m a self taught artist. I have a deep need to transmit  beauty and intensity I see and then absorb it. I feel an inner surge and painting is my way of expressing these feelings. For me painting is an outlet for my innermost feelings. At the age of 23 I opened a workshop where I started  producing decorative stencils and optical illusions painted on canvas teaching myself from manuels. Straight away I had excellent feedback and numerous commissions. I was  spotted by the Moschino style office  and created designs for them which were used as prints on the clothes of Moschino. From there by word of mouth I was contacted by the style office of Rifat Ozbek and for the Ultra Ozbek line, making hand painted garments. One in particular was very successful during the A/1 200/2001 show. It was a hand painted top with a unique design front and back using a mixed technique of airbrush and paintbrush. It depicted an obalisque on a staircase in an Ottoman palace It was a limited edition garment. When Anna Piaggi, a journalist for Vogue saw this garment in a fashion show she wanted one  made  specially for her and moreover it had the homour of appearing  in the October 2000 edition of Vogue Italy. Since the painting on the fabric was very light I was worried that it would not wash well therefore when Ozbek asked to meet me I was sure that it was to complain about some defect in my work. Until that moment I had never seen him and I was stunned to discover that he wanted to personally give me his compliments on my work. I was delighted and will never forget it. At that time he was a respected designer in the fashion world.

Two years later I closed my business because I wanted to conentrate on  painting, in particular oil  painting rather than decoration. That’s  my world in which I can really express myself. At the moment I’m taking  lessons under the guidance of Davide Frisoni, a well known artist from Rimini. Thanks to him I’m finally managing to express on canvas what I feel inside. I’m exploring  portrait painting and preparing a serious of canvases for an upcoming exhibition. I’m  working on pieces that have a deliberate material effect to accentuate the intensity of the subject portrayed.

The heart designed for Birra Viola has a pictorial effect a brush stroke to design a heart. Each section is unique and unrepeatable and is the synthesis of an inner feeling. I was inspired by the love and passion which has contributed to  the realization of a very special beer which comes from   the heart.

Paola Amati for Viola

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