Maurizio Arduini: mind and soul of Birra Viola

In 2017, Birra Viola has been seven years old.

The Seven is a very special number not only for its uniqueness in arithmetic but because, in memory of man, it has always been the most culturally celebrated number.

Wonders of the world, capital’s sins, man’s ages, pillars of wisdom, seas, dwarves, samurai, brides for the brothers … are all seven. Even today, the fundamental rhythm of our lives is a cycle of seven with the days of the week. An extraordinary feature that invokes the uniqueness of Viola, the Beer that itself brings a name from multiple meanings, evokes different sensations and worlds, from color to musical instrument, from the name of woman to flower. A multiplicity that is contained in a bottle and that becomes a lifestyle as soon as you open it.

Viola is like that, a one of a kind product, unique, and just like the number seven, it transmits a special magic. We want to go back with you and live again these intense seven years, starting from the beginning to find out how this golden nectar was born.

To do this, we made a talk with his inventor, the father of  Viola, Maurizio Arduini.

Maurizio is a creative artist born in a family that has always worked in the field of beverage distribution. Moved by desire to create and to produce something new of his own, begins to develop the idea of a new beer, a different product which could have its own precise style and which, at first, could born from excellent raw materials. Well, thought and … concretized! In 2010 Birra Viola was born and Maurizio himself tells us how it has been:

Inaugural evening Viola. Maurizio with his wife Deborah, 2010.

Everything I do I love feeling it deeply. Thinking about the name that would have had the beer I produced was not easy. A little like naming a child: you feel invested with the responsibility that the first name he must wear it all his life. In this case, the commercial side also had to be evaluated. At the base of everything, however, there is a great personal affection, a dedication that I wanted to do to my grandfather Mario who left when I was 15 years old. Mario was a man who loved good wine, good food, engines and beautiful women. In recent times, when he drove, he felt safer if I was by his side, he preferred not to drive alone, and he often told me a phrase, a typical expression of our dialect: “Senti come va questa macchina qua…va come una viola!” (listen how this machine goes here… it goes like a Viola) .

Inaugural evening Viola

Everything started from here, from this idiomatic expression from the heart of Romagna, my place in Italy. This is a dedication that is bringing me luck and I’m convinced that is helping me a lot. My grandfather certainly wanted to say that the car was good because the sound of the engine evoked the musical instrument, so.. music for the ears! So for me, when something is good, it goes like a Viola. For this reason I have always associated the name Viola to the concept of excellence.

Then, I also analyzed if the name could have its commercial sense and I must say that, deepening, “Viola” has begun to fascinate me more and more, because it has not only one meaning but can take many forms and evoke different worlds.

Research in the creation of Viola has grown passionately and deeply felt in many ways. In addition to the adorable principle for choosing its name, a production trail has been put in place in collaboration with internationally renowned beer Brewers who have been able to measure the best raw materials in obtaining the three types of Viola we know today well: the blonde lager, the numerotre pale ale and the red ale, now available in their original version of 75cl and also in the recent 35.5cl version.

Aroy Gourmet Show in Bangkok

A special mention goes to the choice of the original bottle produced, from a unique shape with a special aesthetic care. A product from the unmistakable charism and taste that has gained in a short time an important space on the Italian and foreign market, conquering, among others, countries like China, Japan, United States, England

And Viola does not stop, its creator Maurizio Arduini is with her in continuous ferment, carrying on person many projects, preferring human relationships in a choice of diffusion, sharing and achievements absolutely empathic. Maurizio has succeeded in transmitting his soul and his charisma to Viola, which has thus taken on a special aura that makes feel good who chooses it (even if we prefer to say “her”), because, as it is now asserted, drinking Viola is not just choosing a beer, it means choosing a lifestyle.

Event Viola, Cattolica bay, Italy

Viola’s consumer is a person who knows what he wants and who does not need virtual filters to socialize. He is a person who loves conviviality preferring real meetings as at the times when social networks did not exist and we knew each other in person. I like to think that Viola can continue to bring people together, meeting each other and spending time together, a little like it was time ago. So far it’s happening, and it’s wonderful! I like to think about a future that prefers the human encounter, sharing in person and not only virtual. Well, Viola will be the protagonist of this story.
Maurizio Arduini



Below a few photos that portray some of the many sharing moments that have been happening during these 7 years in Italy and abroad. Passion, fun, shared emotions. The mood from which Viola was born, the mood that Viola continues to spread …


.. to be continued…

Shanghai Longines Global Champion Tour chooses one more time VIOLA

Viola is very happy to have been as a special partner for the second year in a row at the prestigious Shanghai Longines Global Champion Tour!

The event absolutely more stylish of the year with the people more stylish! Fancy & beautiful hats and outfit combined at the Beer of course more stylish: Viola.

The Longines Global Champions Tour brings together the top show jumpers in the world to compete in prestigious locations for unprecedented prize money. 15 event Tour that offer some of the most explosive and exciting competition of any equestrian series. The perfect situation for the exclusive Italian Premium Beer Viola.

In Shanghai Viola quenched spectators thirst with the crisp and refreshing taste that makes HER so unique and unforgettable. #violalifestyle #allaroundtheworld


Special synergies. With Viola you will fly.. together with Turbolenza!

We met Daniele Fraternali of Turbolenza, the most fearless part  of Viola’s World!

Turbolenza is a project born from a great passion for the human flight. The same as for Viola, the philosophy of a reality  dealing  with skydive takes inspiration from avant garde, quality, amusement, adrenaline and dreams… the development of a great passion  becoming a successful brand and a life style. A perfect affinity with Viola’s word.

And on the basis of these similarities Maurizio Arduini founder of Birra Viola and Daniele Fraternali, founder of the Turbolenza world   established a special partnership some years ago and today they are very best friends.

This all started on the beach of Lamparino in Cattolica in 2011, when the School of Skydive in Fano and about 10 skydivers landed on the beach by creating a spectacular and original show. Some years later, Viola also takes part in the format, searched and chosen by Daniele  for its uniqueness.

He tells himself:

I wished  I could find as a partner a cool product, different from the usual products and Viola seemed to be perfect, I have always linked it to TOP and Turbolenza is born and starts from the top! Therefore it’s a perfect union. We already have the date for the next edition in summer 2017 (July, 23rd) and we will call it, as in the previous years – decided together with Maurizio – the “ Aperitif with snout in the air”. Since few years it has become a unique appointment in Europe, exponentially  grown year after year, thanks to the support of Viola and today it involves more than 30 skydivers among the best in the world. A show like no other, Viola Beer, Music and adrenalin on the beach… not to be missed!”.

Indeed, the “Aperitif with snout in the air” has not to be missed and people knows: each year the  number of spectators are increasing on the beach of Lamparino in Cattolica! 

Viola Beer supports Turbolenza also during other important events, as for the Italian Parachuting Championship and the speed freefall style world championship, called also Speed Skydiving, reintroduced by the skydiving school of Fano and promoted by the International Speed Skydiving Association (ISSA). The best athletes from all over the world competing in free fall head down position reaching more than 300 mph!

Daniele Fraternali says: “ there’s no better union with the slogan from which comes up Viola “goes as a Viola” for the sport practiced by the fastest non-motorized athletes in  the world!”.

Daniele Fraternali is the president of the sport club Turbolenza, which owns also a clothing brand and equipment for parachuting, base jumping, paragliding and others: “We have established a Viola Beer branding  bar space, therefore you will breath here really ..Viola air!”

Descover Turbolenza, its athletes, the shop, the events, the news and its philosophy at:

Maurizio Arduini together with Margherita Molinari of Birra Viola during the summer edition 2014 “Aperitif with snout in the air”

Daniele Fraternali with Roberta Mancino, well- known Turbolenza athlete on the beach Lamparino in Cattolica, Italy On the beach in Cattolica there’s also the speaker of Radio DeeJay VIC, friend and guest of Viola & Turbolenza.

Chef Simone Rugiati & Viola: “love at first sight”

The partnership between Viola and Foodloft, the Factory house of  one of the most famous Italian chefs and not only this, Simone Rugiati was launched in 2017.

In the heart of Milan, Foodloft has a unique location in Italy offering a technical structure and a qualified qualified flexibility thanks to providers and market-leading products in the respective fields. A multifunctional area committed in Food and Beverage including also a perfect showcase for gastronomic delights, (products of excellence) a dedicated space for evens, parties, presentations, unique location for TV or photography shoots, a particular show-room…a versatility meaning art, culture, preciousness becoming an extraordinary context similar to Viola. The special event which has established this special synergy was a great success: an exclusive party at the Foodloft Factory House which brought together celebrities, experts and very important influencers.

A snapshot of the opening party with Maurizio Arduini & Simone Rugiati @ Foodloft, Milan

Simone himself, during an interview conducted by the editorial staff of Viola, tells the way this meeting happened and what impressed him most about Viola: “I met Viola Beer in a fair, I didn’t know the brand and its bottles intrigued me  immediately. I went right away to ask for information and it was love at first sight! I noticed from the start that the content exceeded the aspect, already good-looking, and when I learned more about the company and got to know  managers I discovered an ambitious project where the quality of the product was essential.”

Simone Rugiati suggests us  a recipe he would pair with a Viola Beer: “the recipe I would suggest is my “yellow flash chicken”, a quick and spicy recipe. The method of fermentation and the dry taste of Viola Beer lager 5.6 blend perfectly with the spices of the recipe.”

.. and he tells us how to recognize today a gastronomic delight of high quality, for someone who didn’t know any better these choices can’t be taken for granted: “ It’s a matter of passion, for someone in my line of work it’s taken for granted and normal to always  look for quality products and suppliers, but also for someone who is simply keen on cooking finding and discovering new products could be very exiting . If you go to markets, exhibitions, stores you may find a lot of products , moreover if you browse the Web. Lastly you  don’t need to do anything apart from tasting: discovering  a new product that people will like is very satisfying for everyone.”

As a consumer, which would be the best moment for Simone Rugiati to taste Viola Beer?

“..the best moment to have a beer is for me at the end of the day. During the year, as soon as I get off work, I like having a beer and among the different types of Viola Beer for this time of the day I love the Blond 5.6″

Viola & Foodloft of Simone Rugiati: a charismatic union of high quality creating art.

LOOK, TASTE, ENJOY. Birra Viola @ Vinitaly 2017

Viola doesn’t stop. Her excellence and charisma continue to win.

Also present this year at Vinitaly, the largest exibition in Italy dedicated to the world of wine and drinks, Viola shines with its own light and continues to stand out for its unmistakable style which has now become a real lifestyle of success.

But there is more: the extraordinary news about this 51st edition of Vinitaly that sees the Viola world widenedThe version in the special bottle of 35.5 cl will in fact be available not only for blond lager, but also for red ale and for nuomerotre pale ale. An absolute preview that promotes the new way of drinking special: the big 75 cl Violet are now with “Lei” in the 35.5 cl format. A great sound, three unique and irresistible beers, a Viola mood that involves more and more.

And now let’s be inebriate by that beauty and the taste that gives birth to the singular Viola art. Look, taste, enjoy.

Interview with Margherita Molinari, special testimonial of Birra Viola

Her name is Margherita Molinari and she’s a young influencer. Gorgeous, with an extraordinary charisma and very succesful.
Her instagram profile has hundreds of thousands of followers. The people adore her, many business company want to work with her.
From some years is the Testimonial and integral part of the world of Viola.
We asked her a few questions. In this interview she tell us when she met Birra Viola for the first time and why she decided to choose Viola… enjoy the reading!

1. Hi Margherita, would you like to tell us how you knowed Viola?

The first time i met Viola has been in Verona, during Vinitaly , the big event dedicated to beverage.
I’ve seen a Wine Club in the storic centre of Verona full of people having fun and this caught immediately my attention.
I went inside and i noticed straightway a very nice bottle on every table with a kind of beer different from all the other. It was like a tailored suit that extols the virtues and the charm of who is wearing it.
I was fascinated from the way of Viola to appear, from her colors and her delicate taste. It’s from that moment that burst love, a burning love that lasts from more then 2 years now 🙂
Perhaps, the thing that makes me close to Viola and to her world, is the special passion that springs, the energy that spin around her. Viola for me is pure energy!
In that moment in Verona, I immediately thought: i want to make it known to the world.

2. Which is the peculiarity of Birra Viola who has impressed you most? 

Her way to being female: coolness and sensuality together for a unique binomial.
The foam of Viola gives her a special aesthetic appeal which transmit a character of freshness and liveliness that makes you want to taste her.

Margherita e Viola in Messico

3. You are very young, but already aware of what you want. What can you tell us about boys and girls of your generation… how do they live and choose their lifestyle?

Social Network nowadays take a long time in the life of all of us. Facebook and Instagram give you the possibility to show your life to many people and to communicate in real time with people living worldwide.
About me,  2 years ago i’ve started a working career on Instagram as a influencer. I share on instagram my life style, my travels, outfit of the day, various tips…
Doing this i have now an important network of contacts and many views and thanks to this i could be contacted from many company, fashion industry and more, whit the objective to promote their products.

4. What ingredients need to become an influencer successful like you?

A lot of dedication, approach this job seriously and professionally, furthermore it’s very important the empathy that you build with your followers.
I want to emphasize that if one part social network make communication more widespread with more job opportunity, from another part however, i have to be honest, it seems to me that relations  vis a vis have become more surface, like if the people are confusing the virtual reality with the everyday life. I have to say that Viola lifestyle, instead, is based on the old style relations… like being around a table with friends to have fun together!

5. How would you describe Viola to someone who does not know her?

When someone ask me about Viola, the first two words that I have in my mind are LOOK and TASTE.

LOOK because the bottle of Viola already tell a story, TASTE because her flavor, delicate and at the same time determined, wins you over.

Birra Viola is a pleasure to taste that involves all the senses:  view, smell and taste, because Viola is alive!

6. Among Blond Viola, Red and Numerotre, which is your favorite? 

I prefer delicate taste so blond Viola is the nearest to my taste.
HEY guys it’s not ’cause she’s blond!!! 😉

7. …and the better context to taste her?

Viola for me is perfect in every occasion, for sure in all that situations that are for you special.
I love tasting Viola especially during a party, when you meet friends to celebrate and having fun. Viola allows you to share better the joy of a special moment.. and the reason is that Viola is pure energy!

In the day of love, a special thought

Viola is a craft beer born with passion, love and creativity.
Viola as a synonym of excellence, Viola comes from a past that will not forget, Viola as the purple flower, Viola as music, Viola as purple color obtained by red and blue passing through orange, Viola like charming woman’s name.

And we would like to thank a woman, her name is Paola Amati and she, with the grace of a feminine talent, has invented the “heart of the sun,” which became the Viola NumeroTre 6.9 symbol. A gesture, a fortitude that becomes art and, like for Viola beer, creates something intended for its own path, as simply taking from our land, from the sun, from barley … continuing what you love and falling in love with what you do .. and if you make a mistake, it does not matter, we still created something true and passionate! Live to the full, seize the moment, always! when we taste Viola beer… Grazie Paola!


Who is Paola Amati?

I have been painting since I was a child. I love painting more than anything. I would have loved to enrol  in a school of fine arts but didn’t have the opportunity. I’m a self taught artist. I have a deep need to transmit  beauty and intensity I see and then absorb it. I feel an inner surge and painting is my way of expressing these feelings. For me painting is an outlet for my innermost feelings. At the age of 23 I opened a workshop where I started  producing decorative stencils and optical illusions painted on canvas teaching myself from manuels. Straight away I had excellent feedback and numerous commissions. I was  spotted by the Moschino style office  and created designs for them which were used as prints on the clothes of Moschino. From there by word of mouth I was contacted by the style office of Rifat Ozbek and for the Ultra Ozbek line, making hand painted garments. One in particular was very successful during the A/1 200/2001 show. It was a hand painted top with a unique design front and back using a mixed technique of airbrush and paintbrush. It depicted an obalisque on a staircase in an Ottoman palace It was a limited edition garment. When Anna Piaggi, a journalist for Vogue saw this garment in a fashion show she wanted one  made  specially for her and moreover it had the homour of appearing  in the October 2000 edition of Vogue Italy. Since the painting on the fabric was very light I was worried that it would not wash well therefore when Ozbek asked to meet me I was sure that it was to complain about some defect in my work. Until that moment I had never seen him and I was stunned to discover that he wanted to personally give me his compliments on my work. I was delighted and will never forget it. At that time he was a respected designer in the fashion world.

Two years later I closed my business because I wanted to conentrate on  painting, in particular oil  painting rather than decoration. That’s  my world in which I can really express myself. At the moment I’m taking  lessons under the guidance of Davide Frisoni, a well known artist from Rimini. Thanks to him I’m finally managing to express on canvas what I feel inside. I’m exploring  portrait painting and preparing a serious of canvases for an upcoming exhibition. I’m  working on pieces that have a deliberate material effect to accentuate the intensity of the subject portrayed.

The heart designed for Birra Viola has a pictorial effect a brush stroke to design a heart. Each section is unique and unrepeatable and is the synthesis of an inner feeling. I was inspired by the love and passion which has contributed to  the realization of a very special beer which comes from   the heart.

Viola & Blu Volley Verona

Birra Viola loves sport and Team Spirit, for this she decided to support with a sponsorship the Team Blu Volley Verona, a professional volleyball team based in Verona, Italy. The club plays in Serie A1 of the Italian Volleyball League. A Team constantly evolving and raising his position. After won the fifth place in regular season, in 2014-15, Blu Volley Verona get qualified for the first time for an european competition, the Challenge Cup 2015-16, managing to win beating, at the final game for 3-2, round second leg, the Russian Team Volejbol’nyj Klub FakelPassion, win, success, growth, ability and enjoyment. All special things in perfect harmony with Viola life style.
Go Blu Volley Verona! Viola is with you.

Viola at the North West Agriculture and Forestry University of China

Promoting Italy’s culinary tradition abroad as one of the most distinctive features of Brand Italy. This is the aim of the ‘First Week of Italian Cuisine in the World’ , initiative which has taked place from 21 to 27 November in 105 Countries with an agenda of more than 1,300 events including contests, conferences, tastings, thematic dinners, exhibitions on culinary themes and technical and scientific workshops.  The event intended to provide continuity to the themes successfully developed by Expo Milano 2015 and to highlight the role played by the Foreign Ministry’s diplomatic network abroad in promoting Brand Italy.

Viola has been part of this huge event. And in which way? Getting in teaching post!

At the North West Agriculture and Forestry University, the most famous oenology University in China, has took place a special mastercalss to the teachers care Alessio Fortunato and Denise Cosentino about history, peculiarity and production of Birra Viola.

A story telling about Viola world with video and images. A very interesting experience, also to observe the reactions of students, amaze from the lifestyle of Birra Viola.

In the galley some images taked during the lessons.