Interview with Margherita Molinari, special testimonial of Birra Viola

Margherita e Viola

Her name is Margherita Molinari and she’s a young influencer. Gorgeous, with an extraordinary charisma and very succesful.
Her instagram profile has hundreds of thousands of followers. The people adore her, many business company want to work with her.
From some years is the Testimonial and integral part of the world of Viola.
We asked her a few questions. In this interview she tell us when she met Birra Viola for the first time and why she decided to choose Viola… enjoy the reading!

1. Hi Margherita, would you like to tell us how you knowed Viola?

The first time i met Viola has been in Verona, during Vinitaly , the big event dedicated to beverage.
I’ve seen a Wine Club in the storic centre of Verona full of people having fun and this caught immediately my attention.
I went inside and i noticed straightway a very nice bottle on every table with a kind of beer different from all the other. It was like a tailored suit that extols the virtues and the charm of who is wearing it.
I was fascinated from the way of Viola to appear, from her colors and her delicate taste. It’s from that moment that burst love, a burning love that lasts from more then 2 years now 🙂
Perhaps, the thing that makes me close to Viola and to her world, is the special passion that springs, the energy that spin around her. Viola for me is pure energy!
In that moment in Verona, I immediately thought: i want to make it known to the world.

2. Which is the peculiarity of Birra Viola who has impressed you most? 

Her way to being female: coolness and sensuality together for a unique binomial.
The foam of Viola gives her a special aesthetic appeal which transmit a character of freshness and liveliness that makes you want to taste her.

Margherita e Viola
Margherita e Viola in Messico

3. You are very young, but already aware of what you want. What can you tell us about boys and girls of your generation… how do they live and choose their lifestyle?

Social Network nowadays take a long time in the life of all of us. Facebook and Instagram give you the possibility to show your life to many people and to communicate in real time with people living worldwide.
About me,  2 years ago i’ve started a working career on Instagram as a influencer. I share on instagram my life style, my travels, outfit of the day, various tips…
Doing this i have now an important network of contacts and many views and thanks to this i could be contacted from many company, fashion industry and more, whit the objective to promote their products.

Margherita e Viola

4. What ingredients need to become an influencer successful like you?

A lot of dedication, approach this job seriously and professionally, furthermore it’s very important the empathy that you build with your followers.
I want to emphasize that if one part social network make communication more widespread with more job opportunity, from another part however, i have to be honest, it seems to me that relations  vis a vis have become more surface, like if the people are confusing the virtual reality with the everyday life. I have to say that Viola lifestyle, instead, is based on the old style relations… like being around a table with friends to have fun together!

Margherita e Viola

5. How would you describe Viola to someone who does not know her?

When someone ask me about Viola, the first two words that I have in my mind are LOOK and TASTE.

LOOK because the bottle of Viola already tell a story, TASTE because her flavor, delicate and at the same time determined, wins you over.

Birra Viola is a pleasure to taste that involves all the senses:  view, smell and taste, because Viola is alive!

6. Among Blond Viola, Red and Numerotre, which is your favorite? 

I prefer delicate taste so blond Viola is the nearest to my taste.
HEY guys it’s not ’cause she’s blond!!! 😉

7. …and the better context to taste her?

Viola for me is perfect in every occasion, for sure in all that situations that are for you special.
I love tasting Viola especially during a party, when you meet friends to celebrate and having fun. Viola allows you to share better the joy of a special moment.. and the reason is that Viola is pure energy!

Margherita e Viola

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