Chef Simone Rugiati & Viola: “love at first sight”

Rugiati & Viola @ Food Loft, Milano

The partnership between Viola and Foodloft, the Factory house of  one of the most famous Italian chefs and not only this, Simone Rugiati was launched in 2017.

In the heart of Milan, Foodloft has a unique location in Italy offering a technical structure and a qualified qualified flexibility thanks to providers and market-leading products in the respective fields. A multifunctional area committed in Food and Beverage including also a perfect showcase for gastronomic delights, (products of excellence) a dedicated space for evens, parties, presentations, unique location for TV or photography shoots, a particular show-room…a versatility meaning art, culture, preciousness becoming an extraordinary context similar to Viola. The special event which has established this special synergy was a great success: an exclusive party at the Foodloft Factory House which brought together celebrities, experts and very important influencers.

Viola & Foodloft di Simone Rugiati
A snapshot of the opening party with Maurizio Arduini & Simone Rugiati @ Foodloft, Milan

Simone himself, during an interview conducted by the editorial staff of Viola, tells the way this meeting happened and what impressed him most about Viola: “I met Viola Beer in a fair, I didn’t know the brand and its bottles intrigued me  immediately. I went right away to ask for information and it was love at first sight! I noticed from the start that the content exceeded the aspect, already good-looking, and when I learned more about the company and got to know  managers I discovered an ambitious project where the quality of the product was essential.”

Simone Rugiati suggests us  a recipe he would pair with a Viola Beer: “the recipe I would suggest is my “yellow flash chicken”, a quick and spicy recipe. The method of fermentation and the dry taste of Viola Beer lager 5.6 blend perfectly with the spices of the recipe.”

.. and he tells us how to recognize today a gastronomic delight of high quality, for someone who didn’t know any better these choices can’t be taken for granted: “ It’s a matter of passion, for someone in my line of work it’s taken for granted and normal to always  look for quality products and suppliers, but also for someone who is simply keen on cooking finding and discovering new products could be very exiting . If you go to markets, exhibitions, stores you may find a lot of products , moreover if you browse the Web. Lastly you  don’t need to do anything apart from tasting: discovering  a new product that people will like is very satisfying for everyone.”

Birra Viola & Simone Rugiati

As a consumer, which would be the best moment for Simone Rugiati to taste Viola Beer?

“..the best moment to have a beer is for me at the end of the day. During the year, as soon as I get off work, I like having a beer and among the different types of Viola Beer for this time of the day I love the Blond 5.6″

Viola & Foodloft of Simone Rugiati: a charismatic union of high quality creating art.

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