Viola & Blu Volley Verona

Birra Viola loves sport and Team Spirit, for this she decided to support with a sponsorship the Team Blu Volley Verona, a professional volleyball team based in Verona, Italy. The club plays in Serie A1 of the Italian Volleyball League. A Team constantly evolving and raising his position. After won the fifth place in regular season, in 2014-15, Blu Volley Verona get qualified for the first time for an european competition, the Challenge Cup 2015-16, managing to win beating, at the final game for 3-2, round second leg, the Russian Team Volejbol’nyj Klub FakelPassion, win, success, growth, ability and enjoyment. All special things in perfect harmony with Viola life style.
Go Blu Volley Verona! Viola is with you.

Viola and Blu Volley Verona

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